Featured Summer 2014 General Contractor: New Age Global Builders:

Queens Branch: New Age Global Builders 75-25 141st Pl  Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 690-1361
Long Island Branch: New Age Global Builders 35 Kallas Court, Valley Stream, NY 11558  (516) 554-8771
Manhattan Branch: New Age Global Builders 244 5th Avenue Suite N-241 New York, NY 10001

BBB Accredited Contractor: A+


Whether it be rebuilding, remodeling or improving your home, we are here to guide you through the process from start to finish. Our expertise on Home Improvement projects is unmatched. From our interior design and remodeling to our exterior patios, paving, concrete, masonry, scaffolding, roofing and home siding. Our plethora of services will make your home the towns envy. its time for a change - get a fast online estimate and start your project today!

We take home improvement and remodeling to another level, our staff has years of experience. 

Why should we do your next Home Improvement project? simple!:

  • Proven Reliability: We strive to provide the high quality customer service  in the NYC area.
  • Cost Effectiveness: High quality along with beating any written price has always been our motto. We reduce overhead to ensure better prices.
  • Time Matters: Time is money. Your work is completed in a timely fashion without compromising on any details.
  • Lawful Compliance: We are licensed and insured in all of NYC and Long Island. From New commercial structures to kitchen remodeling we are 100% covered.
We are the Kings of Queens Roofing. Winter season can be grueling for any home exterior. The way to keep your home safe in the winter is simple. Maintain, clean, and inspect your roofing and gutters on a constant basis. Proper roofing system maintenance will prolong the life of your home and keep you away from leaking and ice damming issues. An iced Queens roof is a common site during the winter. Once this ice melts it will penetrate into your home if your roofing is cheap. So be vigilant and make sure your home's exterior is up to par. We carry roofing membranes that are of extremely high quality. Using these roofing membranes we close up any holes in your roof and provide added protection. Membrane covered Queens roofing is rarely hit my winter snow and blizzard storms. Call us today to inquire about these membranes for your home.

Special Offer: We have been building residential homes in NYC for many years. When we build a home, we always make sure to stress to the client the importance of secure doors and locks. At the end of the day, all the is separating burglar and homeowner is the entry point of the home. Wooden front doors that are not steel plated present a big security issue so stay away from those. Also, we recommend cylinders that come with keys that cannot be duplicated without a special ID card that comes with the cylinder. These are offered by Mul-T-Lock. Our door and lock subsidiary The Locksmith Zone handles all of doors when we build a home. They are also a residential and commercial locksmith.

Roof Repairs General Contractor Style

We know that general contractors do it all from home exteriors, to gutters, to home building and repairs. What we forget is that no aspect of the job comes 100% naturally. General contractors have to work hard to stay up to date and above par. The reason is that the GC needs to be good at everything. The GC needs to get daily updates on everything that is changing in the roofing, siding, remodeling, and construction industry. Being good at everything requires a team that is willing to learn and keep up with the changing times. An example of how we keep up with the times is a certification course we recently took that is offered by a Long Island roof repair company. They specialize in repairs and showed us how state-of-the-art membranes have been allowing homeowner to avoid purchasing new roofing and repairing their existing home coverings. Companies like GAF are offering these magic membranes and changing the landscape of the home exterior industry. These membranes can even save those 100 year old Queens or Long Island Brownstoner roofing. Repairs of this nature should never be attempted by yourself. A licensed repair contractor should be contacted for an estimate and only someone who offers a repair solution should be trusted. In the even that a contractor tells you that you need to purchase a new rooftop, get second and third opinions to verify it.To learn more specifics about the certification we received you can contact: Roof Savers Long Island 292 Main Street #2s Huntington, NY 11743 (631) 629-4515 http://www.roofsaverslongisland.com

New Age Global Builders has active job sites all over Queens, NY. Currently we are building a home in Flushing which is next to Flushing Meadows park. When it comes to the doors and locks in the house we have partnered up Safe Home Locksmith NYC.

Usually when we build a new home Safe Home Door & Lock installs Mul-T-Lock cylinders on all the doors in the home. We often us the new key-card cylinders which necessitate anyone trying to duplicate the key to have a special card. Considering this card is only in possession of the owner of the key, the key becomes impossible to duplicate. Their official website and Brownstoner locksmith service in Queens services are available 24 hours a day. New Age Global Builders as well as Safe Home Door & Lock are both partnered up with the Queens Ledger. Visit the Queens Ledger Locksmith page today.

Recently we have been embarking into Brownstoners. This is the "official" building style in our area. These red brick building are very old and that is where we come in. We gut out the inside and redo the whole from the Brownstoners doors & locks to the floors.